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Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival

Live Action Shorts


Millikan Film Studios

A group of high-school students in the future demand to be treated as creative people, not numbers. (USA/Los Angeles)

9 Meter

Anders Walter

9 Meter tells a the familiar story of family loss, but weaves a brilliant way of dramatizing it: through a youth’s misguided belief that his achievements can save his mother.


Millikan Film Studios

A bully finds a way to live inside the minds of her victims. (USA/Los Angeles)

An Adolescent Problem

Millikan Film Studios

The stars are all of his fault, or are they? A high-school student believes himself to be a god, as do many of his peers. Reality soon interrupts. (USA/Los Angeles)


Millikan Film Studios

A lonely boy finds a mobile phone and discovers a way he can at last communicate with the girl of his dreams. (USA/Los Angeles)

Be Yourself

Kashi McDaniels

A student short film about self-acceptance. (USA)

Determined: Believe and Never Give Up

Wendy M. Reynolds

Three young cheetahs learn to survive on the plains of the Serengeti, persevering in the face of challenges.

El Color De Leo

Zarah Knebel

Clara is a teenage girl who uses painting to explore her mysterious inner world. Her life takes an unexpected turn when Leo, her grandfather’s parrot, invites her to accompany him on a journey that turns into a wild adventure. (Spain)

Happy Birthday

Johanna Voutounou

The happy moments before a little girl's life changes forever.

Harmony Books and the Case of the Missing Nucleus

Whitney Clinkscales

After suspecting her family of thievery, a too-smart-for-her-own-good eight-year-old investigates the whereabouts of her missing nucleus.

Helyn Springs

Noah Camenker

The local springs in a small town are rumored to be magical. A young boy believes they are the only thing that can save his ailing grandfather. (USA)


Devereux Milburn/Annie Minogue

The inherent optimism and spontaneity of youth is seen in this inspiring music video featuring a classic rock song. (USA)

Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou

Michael Bidinger and Michelle Kwon

Lou is the luckiest girl in the world, and Jinxy is the unluckiest guy out there. One day, their fates chaotically collide.

Just Breathe

Julie Bayer Salzman and Josh Salzman

School-aged kids talk candidly about their feelings of anger and how to cope. (USA)


Millikan Film Studios

A group of high-school students in the future demand to be treated as creative people, not numbers. (USA/Los Angeles)

Os Meninos do Rio

Javier Macipe

Youth in Portugal jump from the Don Luis Bridge into the Duoro River for fun. (Portugal)

Pearl Was Here

Kate Marks

A wild child finds comfort in a sea of stuffed animals inside a claw-dispenser machine.

Pim and Pom: The Big Adventure

Gioia Smid

The friendship between the impulsive and adventurous Pim and the more cautious Pom—two domestic house cats—is put to the test when they are faced with trying to find their way home after getting lost on a picnic in the park. (Netherlands)

Snail's Pace (Il Passo della Lumaca)

Daniele Suraci

While his mother is shopping, Giovanni plays with a snail that slips on the shop window. Then he sees Giulia. The girl lives across the street and looks sad behind her window. Giovanni decides to make her smile. (Italy)

Special Screening: Helium by Anders Walters

Anders Walters

LACMA is proud to screen this year's Academy Award® winner for the Best Live Action Short Film, Helium, by director Anders Walter. Alfred, a young boy, is dying, but through the stories about Helium—a magical fantasy world told by the hospital's eccentric janitor, Enzo—Alfred is able to regain the joy and happiness of his life and finds a safe haven away from the day to day.

Surviving School

Kashi McDaniels

A student short film about getting through school and dealing with unfriendly classmates. (USA)

The Heebie Jeebies

Todd Slwasby

After hearing a scary bedtime story, a young boy and girl become convinced they have monsters under their beds. (USA)

The Magic Ferret

Alison Parker

A young orphan named Sam yearns to find a forever home, so he and his pet ferret, Booger, conjure up a little magic. (USA)

The New Species

Kateřina Karhankova

A short film about kids and a mysterious bone.

The Shooting Star Salesman

Kico Velarde

An ageless man has an extraordinary ability to sell anyone their very own shooting star. The only problem is that the buyer must truly believe in the magic. In this modern time of skepticism, that is no easy task.

The Wishing Well

Rod Maxwell

An experimental one-man production, created and starring one person who plays a cast of characters without speaking a single word. Entirely self-shot, directed and edited from a home studio. Love doesn't come so easily, in this romantic comedy of a pop-up book come to life.(12:00) (USA)

The Wizard of OZcar

Vartanoush Torossian

The Wizard of OZcar is an inspiring and uplifting film about learning the "magic" of living life.

Animated Shorts

The Missing Scarf

Eoin Duffy

On a quest to find his missing scarf, Albert the squirrel unearths problems far beyong his own. Narrated by George Takei.

A Tin Can

Tatiana Kiseleva

In this musical celebration of the simple joys in life, a tin can passes playfully from one person to another through the hustle and bustle of a busy Russian cityscape. (Russia)

Airport Goodbye

Katie Maren

Childhood memories remain forever special. (USA)


Ned Wenlock

Wacky music-playing characters and impressive digital animation fill the latest music video for the band Danger Beach.


Maija Burnett

A boy lives in a bubble-world that only he can dream up the means to escape. (4:12) (USA)

Bucko the Bull

Bridget Kirkwood and Robert Welsh

A bucking bull and a bull rider must overcome self-doubt and peer pressure to rise to the top of their sport. (USA)


Albert Radl

A locked door. A stubborn person. Who wins? (Germany)


Yves Geleyn

Meet Colosse, a sweet, 30-foot tall wood puppet. (USA)


Alvaro Granados

A story about how a courageous shepherd from the Highlands of Scotland and one of the sheep of his flock become the pioneers of one of the most popular forms of entertainment.

Fish Tank Fantasy

Alison Chin

Frustrated by the boundaries of life, a fish has an epiphany that could bring him happiness. (USA)

Made by Kids Animation Showcase

Varazdin Animation Festival (VAFI)

All-new collection of films made by kids of all ages through our partnership with VAFI. Short, animated films made by children in Croatia, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, U.S., Italy and more! (Global)

Made by Kids Animation Showcase: The Sequel

Varazdin Animation Festival (VAFI)

More all-new, creative and delightful films made by kids of all ages through our partnership with VAFI. Short, animated films made by children in Croatia, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, U.S., Italy and more! (Global)


Mark Nute

Marvin is the story of a young boy born with an unusual extra orifice in the middle of his forehead. He embarks on an adventure when, one day, something important falls out.

Missing U

Brooke Wagstaff

A tale of the letter named I, a lonely author who lived life with a sigh.

Paper Touch

Hui-Ching Tseng

A delightful and highly inventive stop-motion animation using only paper.

Rabbit and Deer

Péter Vácz

Rabbit and Deer are living happily and careless until their friendship is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the third dimension.

Snack Attack

Jason Figliozzi

Primitive Pete becomes puzzled after a large, mysterious object appears in his domain.


Natalia Chernysheva

A fairy-tale story of a little boy who receives a letter in the form of a paper snowflake.


Meghann Artes

The alphabet like you have never seen it before. (5:00) (USA)

Space Race

Kobi Bachar and Roni Sharon

One kid's child fascination of the latest and greatest robot out in stores.

The Dam Keeper

Robert Kondo and Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi

In a desolate future, one small town has survived because a large windmill dam acts as a fan to keep out pollution. The dam's operator, Pig, works to keep the sails spinning despite abuse from classmates and an indifferent public. When a new student joins Pig's class, nothing will be the same again.

The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots and Lots of Goats

Will Rose

A day in the life of a goat herder and his flock of goats as they travel up and down the hills of Spain.

The Mantis Parable

Josh Staub

A parable of friendship, hope and promises kept. (USA)

The Midnight Tourist

Dan Orme

A boy in Seattle watches as the Space Needle comes alive. (Canada)

The Missing Scarf

Eoin Duffy

On a quest to find his missing scarf, Albert the squirrel unearths problems far beyong his own. Narrated by George Takei.

The Numberlys

William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg

The Numberlys is an epic homage to Fritz Lang's Metropolis, but for kids. Friends 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 live in a world where there is no alphabet—only numbers.

The Plastic Pest

Jessica Hokanson

A glimpse into a world inhabited by insects made out of plastic bags. (USA)

Try to Keep Up

Nicholas Mastrangelo


Unthink Pink

Cornelia Leichtfried/Desiree Rühl

Why should girls only get pink toys and boys blue?

Yarn, Paper, Scissors

Rebecca Olson

A stop-motion animated short about a yarn critter who must save his paper friend from a malevolent pair of scissors. Made at the UCLA Animation Workshop. (USA)

YouTube Slam for All Ages


There's a lot of creative expression online: web video runs the gamut from how-tos and webisodes to music videos and casual home movies. The Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival is celebrating this culture with its artful selection of family shorts found online.