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Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival

Live Action Shorts

The End is Near

Che Espiritu

Friendship trumps sticks and stones. (USA)


Marcos Casilli

Three best friends in different schools spend their last day of 8th grade together. (USA)

A Film by Abigail

Paul Vernon

A child discusses her new toy video camera she received for Christmas, leading her to create and explain the characters and plot of an intricate story she has for a film. (UK)

A Pony for Connie

Tansy Michaud

A little girl who won’t talk. A caring older brother with a plan. (USA)

Be Mime

Katie Harbin

Can a mime woo a new girlfriend without words? Love speaks the truth. (USA)

Cootie Contagion

Joshua Smooha

Biohazard. Cootie levels: Maximum. Patient: Matt. Infected by: Rebecca. Patient still interested in her. Patient must be quarantined! (USA)

CyberFair: U.S./Russia Youth Civil Partnership

Crystal Page/Yvonne Andres

Students in Southern California connect with youth in Russia to design projects urging youth volunteerism worldwide. (USA/Russia)

Down Under Hour!


In our partnership with the Australian children’s film festival KidzFlicks, we present five short films from the land Down Under, the varied and enjoyable films “White Rabbit’s First Sleepover,” “My Eco-Friendly House,” “The Simple Things in Life,” “Quirky Rome,” “Josh and the Bean Talk,” and “Generation One 2012.” Enjoy, mate! (Australia)

Florida State University Showcase!

FSU is one of our longtime festival partners, producing some of the best live-action shorts in the country for young audiences. Join us for a showcase of some of the best recent films from the university, comedies and dramas about young people learning to be themselves. Funny, poignant, memorable.


Bill Kersey/Edward Kim

Can one dog obey orders to stay clear of the trash can? Doubt it. (4:00) (USA)


Josh Cartwright

Love and lemons: Sometimes a dangerous mix. (USA)


Juan Pablo Zaramella

In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things. (Spain)


Noah Camenker

Monster in the bedroom closet? There’s never an easy answer. (USA)

Mr. Peewee

Rebekah Rae Peck

A football referee makes a big mistake in a huge game. Can he remedy his reputation in Pee-Wee football, and make his son proud?

Quique’s Guiro

Julio Benito Cabrera

Old Guiro has little use for the modern music of the new generation. But maybe he can help them see things his way? (Puerto Rico)

Ride of the Mergansers

Steve Furman

Newborn merganser ducklings make their way to the real world. (11:08) (USA)


Yassine El idrissi

Ismail is an 8-year-old child living with his sister in a mud house in the Atlas mountains. Nobody expected a sled to come into their lives. (Morocco)


Katie Aldworth

Young love is not bound by gravity, but galaxies can get in the way. (USA)

The End is Near

Che Espiritu

Friendship trumps sticks and stones. (USA)

The Flavor Monster

Rod Maxwell

In this short documentary, makeup and effects master Rod Maxwell creates this “monster” for the Truth campaign, part of an ongoing education program around the dangers of tobacco. (USA)

The Hatchling

John Wikstrom

Two siblings find a really, really big egg. Now what? (USA)

The Kangaroo

Anna Gutto

A playful film about a young girl’s struggle to accept a big change in her family. (USA) Photo: Wendy Strauss

The Sandlot

David M. Evans

20th anniversary screening of the family comedy, the story of a ragtag group of kids who learn to play baseball together, with the help of Babe Ruth (sort of). An eclectic group of characters makes good in this neighborhood charmer that has delighted two generations - and counting. (USA)

The Wishing Well

Rod Maxwell

An experimental one-man production, created and starring one person who plays a cast of characters without speaking a single word. Entirely self-shot, directed and edited from a home studio. Love doesn't come so easily, in this romantic comedy of a pop-up book come to life.(12:00) (USA)

The Year Book

JP Jacobsen

As 5th grade closes, Leena summons the courage to ask her secret crush to sign her yearbook. (USA)

To the Moon

Eric Jaffe

A soccer ball helps bridge worlds. One giant leap for two small children. (USA)

Un Dia (Extra) Ordinario

Andrea Puente

A camera captures the moments Oscar knows can’t be forgotten. (USA)


Courtney Harmstone

A Muslim teen tries to adapt to life and friends in a new country.

Animated Shorts


Jackie Marion

Wepo the alien runs out of gas in the middle of outer space. A plan emerges.


Arjun Rihan

Two pieces of the Bay Bridge must work together to get the job done. Could love follow? (USA)

Ahco on the Road

Soyeon Kim

A baby elephant is on a journey home after being separated from her mother. (USA)

Airport Goodbye

Katie Maren

Childhood memories remain forever special. (USA)

Anansi and Turtle

Andrew Aiton

Based on the West African folktale, the story of selfish spider Anansi, taught the value of sharing by Turtle.

Baseball Boogie

Vivian Lee

LeRon is the best ball player in the neighborhood, but for this young slugger, every home run is like a strikeout. (USA)


Kirsten Lepore

Stop-motion short detailing a transoceanic conversation via bottle. (USA)


Maija Burnett

A boy lives in a bubble-world that only he can dream up the means to escape. (4:12) (USA)

Bunny Business

Rebecca Olson

A young man needs to fix his favorite stuffed animal. (USA)

CalArts Animation Showcase

Some of the best animation from CalArts in recent years, a buffet of animated delights! Some of the best animation from CalArts in recent years, a buffet of animated delights! Titles and directors include: Omelette (Maddie Sharafian); When I Grow Up (Jasmin Lai); Crayon Dragon (Toniko Pantoja); The Princess Who Never Smiled (Sun Jae Lee); Love (Tom Law); Know Me (Sam Kremers-Nedell); Momma's Boy (Seth Boyden); Story Time Confessions Vol. I – III (Hannah Ayoubi); The Light Collector (Erin Loelius); Puppy Love (Hyojin Bae); Kagemono: The Shadow Folk (Sabrina Cotugno); The Funny Thing About Lois (Amelia Lorenz); Swelter (Jacob Streilien); The Trackpad Jam (Jeff Liu); Shape (Eusong Lee); You've Been Mimed (John Kim); Princess of the Magical Tears (Brian Carter); Eyes (Tom Law); Punctuwool (Jacob Streilein); Origin (Jessica Poon); Vampire Gastelbrau (Hannah Ayoubi); 1995 (Jeff Rowe); little boat (Nelson Boles) (A) (USA) (USA)


Albert Radl

A locked door. A stubborn person. Who wins? (Germany)

Dead Bug

Julio Benito Cabrera

Don’t be too quick to judge nature. It may surprise you. A colorful animation-meets-live-action treat. (Puerto Rico)

Deathly Beloved

Natalie Xavier

Seymour the skeleton boy has a large skull and falls down frequently. When he meets the ghost girl Prudence, things change for him. (USA)

Elmer's Nest

Jackie Marion

A young bird builds a nest in an unconventional way. (USA)

Fish Tank Fantasy

Alison Chin

Frustrated by the boundaries of life, a fish has an epiphany that could bring him happiness. (USA)


Nicholas Mastrangelo

In this music video by the band Haunted by Heroes, bravery wins out in a battle involving robots and monsters. (USA)

Gallery Girl

Andrew Marshel

Tired of her flat existence, a girl painted on an Egyptian hieroglyphic wall decides to explore the other paintings. (5:09) (USA)


Tariq Rimawi

Even in the aftermath of war, life grows on. Life, though, is not always a game. (Jordan)


Erick Oh

That ball really bounces. (USA)

I've Awoken

Nicholas Mastrangelo

A robot crash lands on a planet and tries to settle into his new "home"...until he begins to miss the things that warmed his heart the most. (USA)

Jeff the Robot

Adam Holmes

Jeff is a robot made from a washing machine, a vacuum and other spare parts. One day, he goes on a hike. (USA)


Mike Dacko

The story of some curious creatures who venture from the warmth of home to discover their purpose. (USA)

Lost and Found

Philip Hunt

A boy returns a lost penguin to the South Pole. (UK)


Jackie Marion

The young squirrel Mac hoards his precious acorn, but soon learns the value of sharing and friendship. (USA)

Made by Kids Animation Showcase

Varazdin Animation Festival (VAFI)

All-new collection of films made by kids of all ages through our partnership with VAFI. Short, animated films made by children in Croatia, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, U.S., Italy and more! (Global)

Made by Kids Animation Showcase: The Sequel

Varazdin Animation Festival (VAFI)

More all-new, creative and delightful films made by kids of all ages through our partnership with VAFI. Short, animated films made by children in Croatia, Russia, China, Japan, Canada, U.S., Italy and more! (Global)

Move Mountain

Kirsten Lepore

A girl journeys through a vibrant, pulsing, macrocosmic landscape (USA)


Charlotte Puerin

The Munchimonster and friends help kids learn more about good eating and the fun and health benefits of exercise, in the films “Munchercise with Munchy Monster,” “How to Save Seeds” and more.

Pas De Deux Glace

Natalie Xavier

Ordinary champagne glasses in an empty house change into a graceful ice-dancing duo. (USA)


Daniel Racusin

A music video for the Japanese band Paraele Stripes. Mars and Matsu journey through a magical landscape where nature and music are one. They guide a very special egg through the landscape to a tree where a secret will be revealed. (4:30) (USA)

Rainy Day Ducks

Danielle M. Heitmuller

Mai meets a family of ducks at a gas station on a rainy afternoon. Can she help them navigate the urban landscape? (USA)


Meghann Artes

The alphabet like you have never seen it before. (5:00) (USA)

Stepped On

Latoya Raveneau

A boy is not allowed to speak, but finds his value as a friend goes beyond words.

The Mantis Parable

Josh Staub

A parable of friendship, hope and promises kept. (USA)

The Secret Life of Shirts

Eric Leppo

A man, a chicken, and the shirt they share. (USA)


Paul-Emile Boucher

An Inuit child wanders away from his village, fascinated by a wild bird. (France)

Umbrella Girl

Saeko Igarashi

A girl learns an umbrella not only keeps you dry, it can take you on adventures. (USA)


Jackie Marion

Wepo the alien runs out of gas in the middle of outer space. A plan emerges.

Yarn, Paper, Scissors

Rebecca Olson

A stop-motion animated short about a yarn critter who must save his paper friend from a malevolent pair of scissors. Made at the UCLA Animation Workshop. (USA)