Achievements of iTV Network

ITV Network Company was established by Kartikeya Sharma. Since then the company has expanded its productions. Today the company has different news channels, newspapers, and publications. The company started off with a single India News Channel. The channel broadcasted in Hindi and operated for 24 hours daily.


Today the company runs various regional news channels in India. Sharma also assisted the company in purchasing NewsX in 2012. NewsX broadcasts in English and it’s free to air channel. It also has its own online publications which ensure it increases its audience.


The company also produces the newspaper, these include Aaj Samaj and The Sunday Guardian. Aaj Samaj is a Hindi newspaper and it is produced daily while The Sunday Guardian is produced on Sunday and published in English. This ensures that they keep their audience in print media informed throughout. The two newspapers control most of the print arena in India.


Kartikeya Sharma ITV Network has regional channels around India. This has increased their Audience since the local channel’s broadcasts in the local language. The company offers News and entertainments to their audience and offers the opportunity to investors to reach out to their clients. The company has established many projects and assisted the locals through their outreach programs.


Sharma has immensely contributed to the growth of sports in India. He established ProSportify program, which focused on developing sports in India. The program helps in taping and identifying talents. Later, this program joined hands with Wrestling Federation to establish Pro Wrestling League in India. This aimed at nurturing talents in India and showcase them to the world. The league consist of 9 teams and each team has five men and four ladies. The company has so far been able to supervise two seasons in the Wrestling League.

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