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Yankee Doodle Dandy – The American Patriotic Song of the Revolutionary War

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One common childhood memory that many of us share is when our parents, teachers, and caregivers used to sing nursery rhymes to us.

They stick around because they represent some of the fun times in our childhood we had while we were growing up. They are hard to forget because they have been part of the American culture for so long. The same nursery rhymes that you heard when you were young are still being sung to children today.

The Lessons within These Short Songs

A nursery rhyme is more than just an easy to follow song. They also have lessons built into them. Even though your child doesn’t know they are learning, every time they sing along with their favorite songs, they are learning linguistic skills and the lessons that the songs are designed to teach them.

Songs like Yankee Doodle Dandy is a good example of this. It’s an American patriotic song that has been with us since the Revolutionary War. By exposing your child to songs that reference historical events like this, it is introducing them to parts of American history that every American should know.

Your child will get a kick out of singing this rhyme, in particular, thanks to its usage of ‘macaroni’. Macaroni is a silly word that children love singing out loud. If you find your child eagerly waiting for the macaroni line, don’t be surprised when they blurted out and topple over with laughter.

Nursery rhymes like these are great for any child to watch alone or in a group. They are short and sweet, making them easy to learn and love for your toddler.

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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Baby Lullaby

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Growing up, one of the most warming memories we can experience as a young child is when our parents would tuck us in at night and sing soft lullabies to us as we drift off to sleep. Lullabies have been used to help children go to sleep for years, and it’s no coincidence.

The Benefits of Singing Lullabies to Your Baby

Singing lullabies to your baby can bring a lot of benefits for them. It’s especially effective to sing to them at nighttime when you want them to get to sleep.

In fact, studies have shown that singing lullabies to newborns can help calm them down. Studies done with newborns in the NICU measured the heart rates of the newborn babies slow down when their parents sang them lullabies.

The key ingredient in this is that it’s the parents singing a melody to the infant. This is proof that lullabies play a role in helping your baby calm down and fall asleep for the night.

The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star baby song is a great lullaby to start with. It’s a simple song that has stood the test of time.

Lullabies Are Also Useful in Utero

Studies have also shown that singing lullabies or playing music while you are pregnant can help settle the baby down. Even during pregnancy, the growing baby can pick up on the sounds and vibrations. The rhythmic melodies that lullabies use help to calm them down. This is especially effective when the mother is singing a lullaby because it increases the vibrations that the baby can pick up on.

When Is the Best Time to Start Singing Lullabies?

The best time to start singing lullabies to your child is right now. Even if you are still in pregnancy, studies have shown that singing nursery rhymes can have a positive impact on your newborn baby.

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Get Your Child to Love the Three Little Fish with Technology

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No matter where you look, it’s hard to get away from all of the portable LCD screens playing a constant stream of videos and games. Young children seem to take a quick liking to the latest devices. It’s not like when we were kids anymore.

Although getting a child to take a break from these screens and listen to the story is great in theory, it’s not the reality we live in anymore. Rather than try to fight the inevitable, it is better to roll with the punches and use your child’s interest in technology to your advantage.

Exposing Your Child to like You Nursery Rhymes Today

Many of the nursery rhymes that we heard when we were children are still around today. In fact, there are versions of these nursery rhymes that you find in video form, like the 3 Little Fish song and video.

These are high-quality videos that will show your toddler exactly what the lyrics are saying as the song goes along. This makes it easy for children of all ages to understand and enjoy what they’re watching. The video and sounds will keep them interested, and the rhyming will help expand their vocabulary and linguistic skills.

The Value of These Nursery Rhymes

These are valuable skills that will help them as they grow and get ready to begin their education. Exposing them to nursery rhymes is the first steps in helping your toddler develop a love for singing, reading and having fun while they do it.

They have verses and rhyming words that will make it easy for your child to sing along to. You can help them by singing along with them and encouraging them to join. You can even switch off verses or stop before the next rhyme comes up to see if they know the next word themselves.

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